Apple tv crashes while updating define term dating relationship

Plex closed last night in the middle of watching a movie.

I am getting the display showing what is going to play next, but then it crashes back to the login screen.

When Apple (aapl) released i OS 8 last year, critics called it the "buggiest release to date."This time around, i Phone users are experiencing a bit of deja vu, as the recently rolled out i OS 9 update has been crashing a significant number of users' phones, according to a report Friday in Reuters.

The update appears to be negatively affecting older i Phone and i Pad models in particular.

If I choose Apple TV again it reverts and works fine until it loses the "connection". Also if it is connected using Wi Fi you might want to try ethernet connection to see if it makes any difference. The issue never happened when I was at home, but now we are in a hotel on the wifi.

When I watch a video through Apple TV via airplay, the video plays fine for a few minutes but loses it's "connection" and continues video play on my i Pad.

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