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Here is some funny pictures I came across, not the winners, but this made me and my roommate die laughing. Search Asians on google, all of them will have peace signs, especially in front of US landmarks. I personally like “V” Remember remember the 5th of november. Anyone can pull there eyes back with there fingers, but this guy told me to hold on one minute and went and grabbed his cap and put up his sign for peace. The top prize has to go in the yankees hat with the peace sign. Leave some comments^^^^^ So here are the winners for best asian face.If you are an American wondering why YOU have yellow fever, that's because Napoleon contracted the disease when he invaded Vietnam and spread the disease to North America when he raped Canada, which ultimately lead to the creation of the wapanese people.

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Chatroulette has been giving journalists reporting fodder for slow news days for a few months now — enough time, apparently, to spawn a number of clones.

In your opinion, do any of these clones do Chatroulette better than the original?

What would you, as a web app user, want to see in a stranger-to-stranger video chat service?

vdchat,随机视频, here i found a Chinese version of Chatroulette, I talked with the administrator of the site and they will soon issue Japanese and Korean version, I think Japanese will love this kind of Asia version of Chatroulette, Actually our Asians are more restrained and polite to face strangers, so there will be much less perverts and weirdos on it.

My Life Sucks- The kids I babysit have drooled, ripped or drawn on all of the cards and put the cars with the little people in the microwave! - The show is so dom suspensful I spill my grape soda on them!

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