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Capital at first of all Israel, later of the kingdom of Judah; chief city of Palestine; situated in 31° 46′ 45″ N. above sea-level north of the Temple area to 2,130 ft. The first runs eastward with a slight southerly bend (the present Wadi al-Joz), then, deflecting directly south (formerly known as "Kidron Valley," the modern Wadi Sitti Maryam), divides the Mount of Olives from the city. A shortened form is perhaps to be found in "Shalem" (Gen. long., upon the southern spur of a plateau the eastern side of which slopes from 2,460 ft. The principal two valleys start northwest of the present city. If you benefit from the posts, resources and teaching ministry here, PLEASE consider becoming a Dojo donor!

Myth #1: "God has one woman picked out for you to marry.

Such philosophies and groups are diverse amongst themselves—being found in all segments and sectors of the political spectrum—and usually represent, to varying extents, the diversity within their group.

The manifestations of such movements and opinion are everything from comparatively high rates of in-group marriage being applauded and gently suggested to more explicit calls for endogamy such as is the case with the Druze to concerns expressed by Northern Ireland Protestants about a higher birth rate amongst Catholics to Decree 770 by Nicolae Ceaușescu's government in Romania concerning contraception and other population topics as part of the local variant of North Korean Juche.

Sex and the Christian Humanizing the Same-Sex Discussion Why “Guarding your heart” is NOT primarily about dating Did you enjoy these resources?

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