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You'll love it because you only need to carry one model on your truck. Intelligent alerts with Nest Aware.*This is what an outdoor security camera should be.Nest automatically adapts to most HVAC systems and turns on system-specific features. Learn more Help keep your customers safe and sound with the new Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm.FORT MEYERS (FOX 13) - A pair of bald eagles in southwest Florida have a lot of new fans on the internet to go along with their newly hatched chick. Wildlife experts say eggs take 34 to 40 days to hatch, 35 on average.These eggs were laid on November 22 and November 25. Southwest Florida Eagle Cam posted an update on its Facebook page Monday, saying it is unlikely that the egg will hatch.You'll get professional pricing and terms, exclusive training and tools, live VIP support, and customer referrals to help your business grow.Sign Up Customers love the new Nest Thermostat's sleek design and its ability to learn and program itself.

Become a Nest Pro and start to sell and install the award-winning products that are making the home more thoughtful.

Or if the egg is cracked, they might consume the egg as it provides much needed calcium."EAGLE FAST FACTS: Eggs A bald eagle egg is slightly smaller than a domestic goose egg.

The chick will measure 4 to 5 inches at hatching and weigh only a matter of ounces. They begin incubation as soon as the first egg is laid.

And if there's motion or noise, it sends an alert to their phone.

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