Nforce sata driver updating problem

When I disconnect the burner, XP boots again." We came across a potential fix that requires a manual driver update.First of all, you have to get Driver Cleaner Pro, in order to clear the system of any previous Nvidia drivers.During the boot, staring at the Windows logo and the spinning wheel, after a minute or two getting just INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error and “we must reboot” message? Only weird thing was that System Restore for the C: drive was turned off.Not sure if it was caused by the RST update, by the boot problems, by some of my other manual changes (not listed here) or what..One of the complaining users claim that he installed Windows XP, added the necessary drivers, then went back to his mundane computing tasks. Moreover, each of the reported incidents are accompanied by a strange device showing up in the hardware manager, labeled as an 'unknown device'.Each time he would copy any file across USB drives or network computers, he would get the same blue screen of death. Despite the huge number of complaints regarding the SATA drives malfunctioning, Nvidia has entered complete hibernation.

Have a BSOD after you’ve installed the latest version of Intel RST from Intel’s download center? After that Intel RST service still starts up, shows the status etc, disks are fine, everything seems to work, even after another (deliberate) reboot.

Nvidia's SATA driver is reportedly giving Windows users a hard time since enabling the so-called "performance" driver leads to multiple system crashes that fall out of any logic.

The issue has been reported even on Nvidia's support forums, but the chip giant never felt like replying.

As reported by Gordon Kelly on Forbes, there are many people complaining that updates to NVidia drivers -- which are installed without manual intervention -- are causing problems, and even killing computers.

Scores of comments have been left on the Ge Force community forum where disgruntled NVidia users have spent the last week and a half voicing their anger at what has happened.

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