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I surpose you to understand about little ole ********* , I'm tall, proportionally formed (everything's in it's right place) with some help from a fitness center a minimum of 4x per week.I'm a appropriately employed cute, single adult and searching for somebody that I'm able popper adult dating personals gay lingo abbreviations create a one-on-one relationship with.Generally speaking, whatever you can do yourself you can do by an agent; does not apply to making a will or swearing affidavit.See general power of attorney; enduring power of attorney pre nuptial = prior to the marriage preservationist = vocal opposition to proposed changes to elements of the past that exist in the present privatisation = sale of government operations to be run for profit by corporations pro-life = anti-abortion political campaign; see also right to life protest = political campaign about or for the rejection of and the reform of or the elimination of particular onerous government policy protester = person taking part in a political campaign that has adopted a protest form Public Trustee = a trustee set up by State governments to provide people with independent and reliable trustee services: pump iron = work out in a gym put-down = a derogatory attempt to belittle in the eyes of others; see dyke, fag pyramid = franchise to sell units of product not to the final consumer but to another franchiser; outlawed in Australia qango = quasi autonomous NGO Qigong = Chi kung quick fix = the job has been done but corners have been cut and little attention paid to the result race-discimination = widespread and established societal norms causing actions against those perceived to be members of a specific (so-called "racial") societal grouping racial-discrimination= See race-discrimination race = a racist term; See race-discrimination racist = organised political campaign against victims suffering from racial discrimination, race-discrimination radical = prepared to offend common belief for a just cause rally = political demonstration or staged political event to which a broader section of society is invited to put pressure on the government to change policy rap = musical style usually involving synthesising and poetical oration Rasta = member/supporter of a Rastafarian group/sect Rastafarian = religious sect promoting racial purity and membership of social groups and traditions/music/etc.See also blog = web log; web diary; online journal or newsletter; newsletter or diary on the Internet that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption; often includes philosophical reflection, social or political opinion, etc. , gold (album, single) = sold 35,000 (ARIA); see diamond, silver, platinum gold (DVD) = not calculated in Australia; see diamond, silver, platinum gold (music video (includes music DVDs)) = sold 7,700 (ARIA); see diamond, silver, platinum gold card = credit card for the rich middle class golden wedding anniversary = 50 years go with the flow!See also blogger = one who maintains a blog; one who blogs bona fide = in good faith, honestly, at fair market value, without deceit or fraud body bag = battlefield corpse bong = for smoking dope; see cannabis born again = radical Christian movements bottom = one who seeks or adopts a submissive role in sexual activity; See top box, the = TV brain dead = body is still alive but no longer human because the brain is incapable of reason; can be an induced state for medical treatment or could be the end of human life brain drain = the best (skilled labour and educational elite) leave Australia to work overseas; see also maternal brain drain BSE = Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow disease) bulletin board = a virtual space created by an Internet service provider for the posting of messages and information by virtual members (usually members of a special interest group) who are encouraged to post and read and reply to messages that relate to other virtual visitors who frequent that specific bulletin board; communication but not in real time; for real time see chat room buprenorphine = Subutex, a treatment for severe pain, heroin dependence, reducing the need for methadone byte = series of 8 bits cannabis = a vegetable containing the drug THC; sold as marijuana (resin), hashish (concentrated resin), kief (powder), charas (hand-made hashish), bhang (leaves ground into a drink), hash oil (distilled THC), budder (processed hash oil), pipe resin (collected and re-smoked), shake or leaf, acapulco gold, acapulco red, lebanese gold, afghani black, af, black pak, turkish pollen, mexican green, durban poison, congo bush, also called shit, grass, pot, hash, weed, reefer, dope, herb, mull, buddha, ganja, joint, stick, buckets, cones, skunk, hydro, yarndi, smoke, hooch carbon trading = a market for the sale of rights to pollute caveat = an attachment legal document warning of an interest that must be taken into account such as an agreement by a third person because of an encumbrance before a legal step can be taken care order = a direction by the Family Court regarding responsibility for the care of the child CD = Compact Disk (read only) CD-R = Compact Disk - Record (write once) CD-RW = Compact Disk - Read-Write (rewritable) chat room = a virtual space created by an Internet website supplier, where virtual people created by the user (or visitor or surfer) meet to talk to each other in real time Chi kong = Chi kung Chi kung = Chinese energy exercises where breathing and body movement recharge energy child abuse = physical harm by those in charge of a child, parents, guardians, friend/family, teachers, child-minders chill-out = pleasurable relaxation civil rights = what started out as a way of identifying how black Americans were treated differently under the law because of their race, has entered into language as a way of expressing universal human rights in civil society climate change = see global warming and greenhouse gas emissions cocaine = stimulant drug; C, coke, flake, nose candy, snow, dust, white, white lady, toot, crack, rock, freebase codeine = depressant drug codicil = an attachment legal document attached to the Last Will & Testament that changes some wording or meaning or impact of the Will; not recommended, make a new Will if you can come out = declare publicly personal homosexuality or a lasting homosexual relationship; See in the closet; See down low commie; commy = communist; Stalinist commie bastard = leftie; leftist; left-winger (a term of abuse from the anti-communist days of the Menzies era) coming out = reveal homosexuality or other hidden LGBTQI profiles communist = an activist who promotes a communist society as a way of human freedom and progress communist society = a society that promotes common ownership through a state that owns all the means of production and that is run by a parliament voted in by workers who control the means of production and distribution and vote their political representatives in at their workplace and can sack them at any time; an internationalist movement computer dating = find a partner on the Internet conscientious consumerism = campaign for consumers to limit their purchases based on ethical concerns such as problems with pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals, hormones, genetically engineered products and the effects of products on greenhouse gas emissions and global warming consent order = a direction by the Court based on the consent of both parties that is legally enforceable conservationist = committed to change for the proper use of limited resources conservative = oppose all change to preserve the power and prestige and benefit of the status quo consumerism = personal values are dominated by the importance of shopping and the act of purchase cookie = a small text file which holds brief information about you when you enter a website, enabling the website to recognise you when you next visit the site cot death = unexplained death of a newly born child; see SIDS counter culture = living in a commune separated from normal society crack = see cocaine creation science = non-scientific but purporting to be scientific to promote the concept of theism in a modern world dominated by science; re-writing science to accept some parts of science and reject others to make it compliant with Christianity; part of a born-again movement creditor = a person to whom I owe money cross-dress = wear clothes of the opposite gender crystal methamphetamine = ice, shabu, crystal meth, glass curriculum vitae = a description of the background, skills and experience of an applicant being considered at the moment of recruitment, prepared by the applicant according to established general principles agreed across the profession. = accept change; adapt GPS = Global Positioning System green = politically active on the environment greenhouse gas = water vapour (H), perfluorinated carbons (PFCs), and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) greenhouse gas emissions = regular emission of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere from motor vehicles and industrial production that absorbs and re-emits infrared radiation from the sun, warming the earth's surface and contributing to climate change greenie = well known to be dedicated, adamant or fanatical on the environment gross!Check this out: msn adult web cam chat, canadian cam2 cam sexchat, free sexchat montreal.Hey Y'all Thank you for preventing by and going to my introduction.

designed to modify profile bisexual = interested in, attracted to, and/or sexually active with, both male & female partners biphobia = fear of, discrimination against, or hatred of bisexuals bit = elemental information, on-off, in digital systems 0-1 black flag = the symbol of the anarchists blog = web log; web diary; online journal or newsletter; newsletter or diary on the Internet that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption; often includes philosophical reflection, social or political opinion, etc.

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