Preselection dating techniques

You want to verbalize like you’re not a loser, you have dated women before, that women do find you attractive.Now verbalization is obviously not as powerful as demonstration, and demonstration is pretty easy.” This is a direct result of the illusion that the guy has created of being a man with high value and a man who he is in demand.Or in other words, A MAN WHO DEMONSTRATES PRE-SELECTION.

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The video claims that preselection is the MAIN reason dudes get laid (and that you can too) and it claims to teach you how if you watch it all the way to the end.To add to this, we also find ourselves psychologically comparing ourselves with those very same women.We think things such as “ what does she have that I don’t have?Celebrities are chased by women all over the world regardless f what they look like or how they behave simply because they demonstrate instant PRE SELECTION.Women want to be with a male celebrity, even if it is just for one night, as they believe that this guy can HAVE ANY WOMAN HE WANTS, and they feel SPECIAL because she is the one being chosen for that night.

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