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So many media types struggle with this – it stops being about what they’re saying and evolves into who they are.Plus, I wrote under my own name elsewhere and for a series of clients – what would they think about what I did in my spare time? What I assumed my anonymity would allow me to do is swerve the usual judgement and/or criticism of my looks, and also restrict my vanity to my writing. That’s not to say I’m not as basic as the next motherfucker with a full Instagram top row of selfies with eight filters over them – I like to get a like and a share, of course I do – but I would know for sure people would only be interested in me for what I said.A 30-something Dublin, Ireland native with platinum hair and a quirky sense of style, Harper, who’s written quite a bit for The Huffington Post, gives advice in a thoughtful and positive way.Social Clout: 14,676 likes, 1,139 followers URL: Bragging Rights: Longevity, having been giving dating advice — to both mature and younger lesbians — since 2001 “For the single woman desiring lasting love,” Barb Elgin’s Lasting Lesbian Love site features advice, coaching, discussions, studies, and more.Any of these eight dating blogs would be a great place to look!Chock-full of information from lesbian dating experts, they are incredible resources that can’t be overlooked. The EDs still have heaps of posts to share, so I’m going to continue with the sex theme this week, mixing up the posts with some of our normal dating advice and commentary.

The quirky and cute Terra Nova Boys of You Tube fame are at it again, this time giving out some sound financial advice on how to split or merge your money as a gay couple.

I had – still have – absolutely no desire to be famous.

The main, initial reason was that I was writing about going on dates and didn’t want to be identified. I was both fearful of recriminations and worried it would mean I could no longer be honest when writing up further dates – “compromise my artistic integrity”, as Madonna would say. My anonymity, which I maintained until six months ago, allowed me to retain some power, some control.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, Elgin offers simple tips that aren’t excessive or overwhelming.

Social Clout: 742 followers URL: Bragging Rights: Humor Author, political activist and journalist, Kathy Belge, is co-author of the awesomely named guidebook, “Lipstick & Dipstick.” She’s also a regular contributor to Curve Magazine, the “Guide” to all things lesbian on and author of “Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens.” With real life situations present in everything she does, Belge uses humor to bring people back to reality.

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