Racial preferences in dating fisman

It's hard to read that paper but the spoiler is that Asian men and black women fared poorly, but they also said that "female Asian partners are consistently rated as less attractive" That is at odds with what I found in the 90s that Asian women are generally NOT under-represented in fields traditionally dominated by attractive white women such as TV newscasters, ice skaters, or beauty pageant winners.

Of course, one of the few crimes where Asians are disproportionally arrested is in human Human Trafficking (what did think goes on in those Asian massage parlors?? In church, we learn that people who have been trained to be enemies can be friends, and not to prejudge anyone's fitness to enter heaven by who or what they are.

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"Bridging the gender divide: an experimental analysis of group formation in African villages," ASC Working Papers 87, African Studies Centre (ASC), Leiden, The Netherlands.***We similarly find that *** female Asian partners are consistently rated as less attractive (column (2)),*** though we also find that ***black females receive significantly lower ratings relative to whites** .As above, we find that when these regressions are run separately for each race, even Asian men find white, black, and Hispanic women to be more attractive than Asian women.) I suggest that until the perfect world when the enlightened PC overlords succeed in eradicating racism and stereotypes and successfully impose proportional quotas on marriages (and college admissions, academic achievement, police interactions, housing, nobel prizes, academy awards, world peace, income inequality blah blah ) people be as open and nice as possible to everyone of every race, and not worry about making everything about race. I wrote a piece on asian / white / black interracial dating stereotypes and the rise of the angry Asian male mass shooter here: Review of Economic Studies (2008) 75, 117–132 0034-6527/08/00060117.00c 2008 The Review of Economic Studies Limited Racial Preferences in Dating RAYMOND FISMAN and SHEENA S.IYENGARColumbia University Graduate School of Business EMIR KAMENICAUniversity of Chicago Graduate School of Businessand ITAMAR SIMONSONGraduate School of Business, Stanford University First version received August 2004; final version accepted May 2007 (Eds.)Table 5 suggests no systematic differences in ratings based on subject’s own race.

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