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Each member is dedicated to accurately publishing the latest news and historical archives of the living legend that is Dolly Rebecca Parton.

Managing Editor - Jacob Timmons Creative Director - Sarah Chapman Senior Editor - Amanda Webb In 2008, Dolly developed a musical version of her 1980 hit movie “9 to 5.” Dolly wrote all the music and lyrics herself and the dialog was adapted by Patricia Resnick.

Sure, for most people, "American Idol" is a fun way to spend two nights a week on the couch, groaning at every off-key note and appalling fashion choice.

But for the studio audience, it is a lot more intense - a combination of a live concert, a sporting event and a glammy movie premiere. The orchestra wears sparkly blouses and proper dress shirts; their upper bodies are all that can be seen on camera. Despite Ryan Seacrest's dramatic insistence that the bottom three were very (very!

Yep, Carrey stayed to watch the entire show - none of this do-the-promo-and-cash-the-check movie star behavior.

4chan and its derivatives have a common template for such terms: Just take the name or premise of the show and add "-fag" after it... Sonicfags, Pokefags, Ponyfags, etc.) ..suffixes attributed to their Fan Dumb.Be advised when using these terms that by the time the name becomes well known to outsiders, it's often gathered some distaste by those within the fandom."Trekkie" has reached universal status and even appears in reputable dictionaries, but many within Fan Club of America — and many fans outside the US think it sounds a bit silly, preferring the considerably more baroque but less jargonish "fans of the programme". The premise on the show is three single ladies and three single guys move into a mansion and they date each other in a dark room so they are judging on other things rather then looks.They then get to see one person quickly in the flesh before deciding on whether to meet them on the balcony to continue their interaction outside the house.

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