Temporary protective order dating violence

NRS 33.019 Masters: Appointment; qualifications; powers and duties.

NRS 33.020 Requirements for issuance of temporary and extended orders; availability of court; court clerk to inform protected party upon transfer of information to Central Repository.

CHAPTER 33 - INJUNCTIONS GENERAL PROVISIONS NRS 33.010 Cases in which injunction may be granted.

NRS 33.015 Injunction to restrain unlawful act against witness or victim of crime.

Claudia is a domestic violence survivor who suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse for over 15 years.

She first came to Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) through the Fulton Safe Families office where she received help securing a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) and also received assistance with getting a divorce.

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In the event a subsequent cause of action is filed under chapter 61, any orders entered therein shall take precedence over any inconsistent provisions of an injunction issued under this section which addresses matters governed by chapter 61.

but new information about additional acts of violence or stalking arises, you may ask the Judge to review your original Petition and these new acts by filing a Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Petition for Injunction for Protection (F. Your affidavit will then be taken to the Judge for determination.

Some examples of possible Violations of Injunction by a Respondent are: you may file a Motion for Extension of Injunction for Protection at one of the Clerk's Office locations listed below.

In the first two instances, a hearing will be scheduled (within seven (7) to fifteen (15) calendar days of your Petition filing date) that you will be required to attend.

The Respondent will be served (hand delivered) notice of the hearing and certified copies of both the Judge's order and your Petition.

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