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If you're looking for a cheap place in Europe to go on a flagging mission I would consider Tirana.It's a city that wants to be European, but is still recovering from it's communist past and has that developing country rough around the edges feel to it.A walk through the city begins in Tirana's main Skanderbeg Square, off which all the main sights can be found.End your tour on Mount Dajti, accessible by cable car, and enjoy a panoramic view of the city If you have time to spare and the time of year is right, we suggest a trip to one of the nearby seaside towns. Centuries-old mosques stand opposite modern churches. The broad streets are lined with architectural and cultural monuments from the Ottoman, Italian and Communist periods of the city's history.Albania’s capital city is a pleasant surprise with its historic buildings and upbeat ambience Dynamic, hospitable and with a sophistication that pleasantly surprises visitors, Tirana waits to be discovered.

A few words of Albanian go a long way to impressing people here so study some basic words before you come. Although there are a lot of Muslims, I rarely saw women wearing burkas, and if you didn't tell me that 60% of the population is Muslim I wouldn't have guessed. I found the place to be clean and organized despite it's history.

The bartender was excellent and we will always remember his friendliness. Contact us at: 307 Enjoy the calmness and freshness of our swimming pools together with your family, every Friday to Sunday.

Thank you to all of the staff at the Sheraton Tirana for making our stay very pleasant. Have fun with a hit parade from '70s to '90s music and enjoy Chef`s Davide unique selction of pasta and salads starting from 1300 ALL/person. Price includes Club Sandwich or Cesar Salad plus a draft beer.

Discover the history of Albania in the National Historical Museum and the Museum of Archaeology.

Not far from the museums, you can go up the 35-metre Clock Tower, dating from the early nineteenth century.

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