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Plus, everybody gets their fair share of time in with questions, suggestions and even resources not everyone’s familiar with.I know that starting a support group is definitely not for everyone.It’s that kind of personal chit-chat, however, that helps employees relate to each other.Remote teams have to build time for small talk into group meetings.My notes indicate a long and serious discussion about the attractiveness of Jarvis Cocker at PM, followed by Casey stealing a colleague's drink at PM."I’m not leaving this bar until your handwriting looks like you’ve had a stroke," Casey informs me around PM.You can share your feelings, fears, concerns and perhaps get answers.But most importantly, you can join a community of caring and know that you’re not alone.

I move on to Four Roses on the rocks, while Casey Newton gets started on Old Fashioneds.

It’s one thing to create an atmosphere of trust and a feeling of camaraderie between employees when they’re all in the same building 40 or so hours a week.

But, what about when some or all of you work virtually, and rarely (if ever! How can you build and maintain a viable professional and personal relationship online?

However, there are resources available where you can get the help – and materials – you need.

The Epilepsy Foundation, as I found out, is only too eager to help…affiliates can provide information and referral assistance; maintain individual and family support services.

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