Verizon wireless updating roaming

The *228 procedure updates Verizon's "Preferred Roaming List," a set of instructions regarding your service's roaming capabilities.

Your phone's roaming capability is the "hand off" process between different wireless service areas.

A smart habit to acquire to lower your cell phone bill is updating your preferred roaming list (PRL) on a monthly basis.

Particularly if you travel a lot, this can save you a great deal of money as you can update your phone to use roaming networks that are location-specific.

Carrier settings updates are small files that are installed on i OS devices.Note: If you have the My Verizon app, use International Ready Check to see if your device is compatible with a specific country or cruise ship. Trip Planner will let you know which plan is best for your travel needs.Get more flexibility and international options with the new Verizon Plan Unlimited.Verizon tells its customers that there are several benefits to regular *228 updates.If you own a CDMA version of the i Phone, you can update your roaming capabilities by dialing a number from your phone directly, which can increase your battery life while roaming, allow your i Phone to connect to additional roaming networks and decrease the amount of blocked and dropped calls.

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