Who is amber on american idol dating

In an unexpected turn of events, he competed on Star Audition for eight months and subsequently signed with B2M Entertainment as a solo artist in September 2012.

He released his first mini-album titled Cloud 9 in January 2013 with the lead single "Heaven's Door." "Good For You" is the title track off of Interview, which was released this past March and is Eric's first mini album (EP) in three years.

The result of her song helped her make it to the Top 9.

Backstage after the show, Burnell all but confirmed it, explaining that despite what his fellow contestants had said during Wednesday's performance show, he's not nursing a crush on the powerhouse-piped Amber.

As we reported in December 2016, Miz Delevingne was spotted with her ex St.

Amber previously tried out for season 11 of American Idol, but was cut in Las Vegas.

Could just be friends, but the ship vibes are strong on this one.

"She didn't say much because everybody was crying," said Burnell, who--spoiler alert!

--revealed the two will be doing a duet together on this summer's Idol tour. But we'll talk later." There was no shortage of tears as Burnell became the fourth guy in a row this season to be sent packing.

(Considering how the judge feels about Burnell was less surprised by the voting results.

He had a feeling all week that he would be sent home, and told us: "It was basically God giving me a sign so that I could be prepared. I did what I was supposed to do, and hopefully somebody will reach out to me."On his wish music-industry wish list? "By the time I'm 25, I better have at least six Grammys! "If I've gotta [appear] on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Animal Planet, I'm doing everything I can do to keep my name hot." audition and his induction into the Top 10--is looking forward to hitting the treadmill back home and celebrating his 20th birthday on April 14.

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