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“No matter what’s going on at Empire, it’s always about the family.” Despite the family being at the center of the show, “Empire” will bring on some A-list guest stars, per usual. Chaiken also noted that some minor characters from Season 2 will be back this season, including Morocco Omari who plays Lucious’ surprise half-brother, Tariq.

The big question of Season 2 — did Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) or Anika (Grace Gealey) die?

Chaiken spilled the scoop Tuesday morning during an interview teasing the upcoming episode — the wedding won’t happen this week, but Chaiken promises it’s coming during the current second season.

“You can expect a wedding and there will be a marriage. Chaiken did not reveal Speaking of Anika’s pregnancy, that storyline has gone on the back burner, but will be come to forefront very soon.

Chaiken says Boo Boo Kitty won’t be able to hide her bun in the oven for much longer — in fact, she’ll start to show in episode No. “Let’s say Anika will no longer be able to keep her pregnancy a secret and she’s going to figure out what the hell to do,” Chaiken says.

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